Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Uniqueness of Every Child

A friend and I were laughing because we both felt we are wonderful mothers
--while our kids are asleep. During the short pause in whining, screaming, and cleaning after, the ideas and inspiration and excitement begin to well up. It's almost like I want to shake them awake and read them a story ... almost.

Here is a short, inspiring clip to watch while your kids are asleep.


derawali said...


Iman said...

i finally created an account :) Jak. very inspiring. it sums up everything we believe in about many school systems and curriculum. that's why i've come to love the montessorian method, it let's the child do the leading. there's also the more modern "creative curriculum". they both create a love for learning and not just cramming a bunch of info.
again, ya habibti, wonderful piece.

Duaa said...

Maha, you don't understand how much this topic resonates with my passion, my soul! After having Sumayah, I am now utterly convinced that the strategies I used with one daughter cannot all work with my second! It is too bad that our society continues to stress a system...where certain kinds of personalities are culturally favorable and say "success."

We must all learn to provide our children with tailored experiences that meet their individual differences...

By the way, I am giving a course, "Personality-based parenting" at the MAS/ICNA convention that deals with this topic EXACTLY...Any other clips or suggestions you think I should include?

Miss you & the girls :)