Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bringing the Sand Monsters Home

In spirit of my last post, my daughters and I spent this morning on the beach, which is about a half hour away. (Actually, I left a stroller in the trunk of a rental car, which is the real reason I drove down to Galveston, but you don’t need to know that)

There are moments when I close my eyes and think about how blessed I am. Blessed to be a mother, blessed to have the luxury of staying at home with my children, blessed to be able to come to the seashore whenever I wish, blessed to have the wherewithal to appreciate these moments of peace and contemplation. There is something about the cool ocean wind that cleanses me and gives me clarity, sets aright my priorities. No other place reminds me so profoundly of the power of Allah (swt).

Oh, the joy of watching children taking in the seaside. Observing them is refreshing. The exuberant big one runs up and down the beach, chasing the sandpipers and throwing seashells into the waves. She runs as fast as she can, her short legs flailing and arms outstretched, face beaming. The little one, the scientist, picks up various shell fragments, delicately fingers them, turns them over and over again in her hands, daintily puts them in her mouth. Sand in her hair and on her eyelashes, she squeals in delight when the waves come close or the gulls flap their wings.

Then, when their hair becomes too tangled with the wind and their hands are too caked with sand to finish their sandwiches, I carry my sand monsters to the car. They sleep all the way home, and sleep for another two hours in their beds, with sunburned noses and sand between their toes. Usually, I can only be aghast at how difficult this job of motherhood is. But times like this, I think, oh, so blessed alhamdulillah.

We need to visit the shore every week.


Saman said...

Asalaamu Alaikum Maha,

Your blog is both inspiring and insightful, Masha'Allah. I just hope you're still blogging around the time that I have kids! You're an excellent writer and I think you've found the perfect medium for sharing your talent. So please, please don't disappear! ;) May Allah (swt) give you many such beautiful moments with your children!

-Saman Ahmed

Sally said...

Salam Maha!!

I think i'm addicted to your blog :) I love your observations, and have really enjoyed reading your musings about life, and Islam. Please continue writing!! And your daughters are so adorable masha'Allah!!

maha said...

Saman, Sally,
I enjoy writing here so much, so it's good to know you are reading and enjoying too. Jazakumullah khairan for the encouragement!