Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Burrito Babies

I always swaddle my babies at night before sleeping. Very tightly. Until their eyes bulge out and they grunt from the pressure. It helps Baby Meem know that it's nighttime now and that she’d better not wake up until at least six hours have gone by. Supposedly it helps the baby feel cozy and secure, and prevents her from being startled by her own movements. I think it also works as some kind of cue if only used at nighttime. Even though she's an extremely light sleeper during the day, waking up if I so much as sneeze in the same room, when I swaddle her at bedtime, she sleeps long and sound alhamdulillah.

Moona and Buru love watching me swaddle the baby, and I show them how to do it with their dolls.

Yesterday as I was laying them down for their nap, Moona asks, "Can you wrap me like you wrap Baby Meem?"

And Buru seconds the request, “Mama, aa aa aa Ana Beebee?”

And so I wrap them one by one, rolling and kneading them as they giggle like they’re indulging in a guilty pleasure. Around their stomachs and onto their backs, one-two-three corners of the blanket come together until they are tightly wound up like a burrito. Arms bound to their sides, staring at the ceiling, they try very hard not to move so they don’t loosen Mama’s swaddle. It won't happen again tomorrow or the day after, so enjoy it while it lasts. I tried not to laugh at their looks of solemn reverence, as though swaddling children is the cleverest idea in the world.


Zainab said...

What is it with kids and swaddling? Mine also love to be swaddled at ages 5 and 3. :)

Fatima said...

i remember my father doing it to me when i was young, but for sure not a traditional swaddle. haven't tried it with my kiddies. love the pics, they look like twins!

Marwa said...

MashaAllah Maha- Please don't stop blogging :) I know many of us here will miss your great ideas :)

kariman said...

you should take a picture of the three burritos next to each other:)

Nuthatch said...

They look so cozy... can you do it to me? :)