Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dua from the Depths of the Heart

Sitting today with a dear sister, I understood a little more the power of our dua for the people in Gaza and people suffering all over the world.

Our supplications may not stop the conflict, or end the terror—this will not happen except when Allah swt wills it or sends His soldiers and victory. So where are our sincere dua going? The tears, the night prayers, the fasting?

Maybe to places we don't see or realize, but if we only knew we would never stop the fervor by we call upon Allah to help those who are suffering. Maybe to a mother who has lost her child but feels the inner calm and tranquility that can only come from Allah. To a man who is proud as he looks upon the face of his martyred brother. To the family who cannot imagine how they will survive on what they have, but find that it keeps them going. To a people who are systematically tortured, terrorized, and massacred but are still able to smile at one another, hold the hand of someone suffering, share the food they have, and praise Allah the Almighty who chose them to walk earth perfumed by innocent blood, the frontlines of His mercy and forgiveness.

There are dimensions of relief and peace we do not know of that may be descending on the people of Gaza because of your dua. Maybe your dua tonight will make someone stay strong in his or her faith, stay brave, find peace in knowing Allah is by her side amidst all of the darkness.

A small suggestion is to make qunut an-nazilah a special supplication in times of need every day until the crisis has passed. It is performed in the regular obligatory prayers in the last rakah before going down for the prostration. Here is a description from islamonline.net of how it is done.


Ayesha said...

subhanallah Maha. your writing is beautiful and inspirational! i'm so glad you accepted my friend request :) so i found my way to your blog! i can't believe you have two kids mashallah!
i met your sister at someone's house a few weeks ago - i don't think we've met before but she looked just like you so i said, "are you related to maha?" :)
hope and pray you are doing well. i'm already inspired by your cleaning tips! (and i only have one kid!) and what you've said about making duaa in different posts really hits home...

maha said...

Thank you Ayesha! So good to hear from you again. :)