Monday, March 10, 2008

A New Look, A New Name

Insha'allah I will be renaming the blog and redesigning the page. The renaming is because it sounds like there is a Mommy in the middle of the blog address. My children call me many things, but I draw the line at Mommy.

I also want to keep my kids names anonymous on the world wide web, just in case. The revamped blog will be at:

And why the redesign? Because there is this pesty artist inside me that is forbidden to see the light of day, because I'm getting old and there is no time. But we've agreed she can come out on the blog from time to time (did that just sound like I have Multiple Personality Disorder?)

May Allah reward you all for your loving support.

1 comment:

Fatima said...

haha, i always thought it was mommy, didn't realize the mom/my worker part.