Saturday, October 27, 2007

Up and Running. Maybe. Insha'allah.

Fresh coffee, warm sea winds, migrating butterflies, and babies playing barefoot in the sand. Who wouldn’t be inspired to write?

I’ve been holding out posting on my blog forever. First, because I was so busy with the move and kids, and then because I wanted to come back with a big shebang-of-a-post but couldn’t come up with anything riveting enough. (Four months you’ve been away and that all you have to talk about is a conversation with a telemarketer and a sippy cup?!)

There’s a poet inside that begs to be released whenever I experience something beautiful or sad. The more we sink into our, alhamdulillah, happy, settled routine, the more I simply must do something creative. Procrastination, hesitation, and embarrassment at putting my thoughts out there keep me away from actually sitting at a desk, and I’ve settled for lists of to-write-about topics.

Like I said, there are some things that make it impossible for me not to write. Then, I find myself rushing to a keyboard or notebook spilling over with ideas and words. A couple of those things have happened lately.

And, oh yes, I bought a coffee maker.

I don’t know how often I’ll post, and I might disappear again. I’d like eventually to do something structured with this blog, but not now.

For now, it’s just a quiet place of my own.


Fatima said...

welcome back.

Tanya said...

You just wrote in two paragraphs a chapter in the story of my life...we should workshop together, maybe get into a regular habit of writing...use the buddy system? What do you think? :-)

maha said...

Thank you Fatima. :)

maha said...

Tanya, I'd love that.